A Journey To Remember

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Soccer Practice

Micayla had her first soccer practice this evening which went pretty good.. She's ready to dig in and get some games going so September 6th can't come fast enough for her.

Go Galaxy !!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


What a day ! Aca had 4 games today... Lots of fun ! They won every single game, which made it even more fun! It was a Jamboree so each game was only 20 minutes long, with other games going on in between all of Aca's. Still , lot's of playing and excitement....

WAY TO GO 5TH GRADE SAINTS !!! By the way, I didn't get any close up action shots cause I didn't bring my camera.. everything was taken with my phone...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Micayla's words about Chapel..

Micayla said Chapel was fun ! She said kids "singd" songs and a girl talked about fish and a fish market, and showed them fish bones which Micayla referred to as gross and pus-skusting.. and she never wanted to see that again! And, she wanted to know , what happened to the fish?!?

Sounds like a good first Chapel to me :)

Chapel Dress

Today is Micayla's first Chapel. She has been waiting for this for a while. She has always heard about it from Deric and Aca and now she get's to experience it for herself! I can't wait to hear her comments on it ..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Football season...

Football season is here, and Aca has decided to play football.. 5th grade football that is for Shiloh!!! Go Saints ! His first games and yes, games will be this Saturday on the Shiloh field.. They are having a jamboree and there will be lots of people there playing.. If anyone needs anything to do this weekend you are welcome to come out and support the 5th grade Shiloh Saints!!

10th, 5th and Pre-K ....

I had to throw this pic in because Deric is catching up to Mica on his hight and look, they are twinkies too :) They are big work out buddies too so look out dad..

Well, the day has come... My sidekick, baby angel, best girlfriend has started Pre-K today. I knew it would be hard for me since I started crying about it yesterday, but wow, it is really hitting home now! She was happy and ready to go which takes some sadness away. I am thankful that she was ready to go.. As for Deric who has been back since Friday the 15th, and Aca who started yesterday, well it's a routine that's been going on for a while.. they are always ready to go back and see friends, not neccesarily ready for all the work but it's always a smooth start back for them...

Man it's quiet in my house.. :) I realize that I will get use to it.. Right ??? I will need some reassuring feed- back from some of you mom's who know where I'm coming from... chat soon !!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Brothers Rock !

hangin tight with my brother's! :)
Nap time on the way to Nashville-doesn't get any cozier than this!!

How cool is it to have your big bro let you listen in on some tunes?!? Pretty cool to Micayla !! Another Nashville shot by the way :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some of Micayla's daily thoughts..

Every day this week Micayla has asked me at leaste 2-3 times a day, off and on , When Are We Going To Heaven ? I try to explain the best I can to where she would understand, as soon as Jesus is ready for us. The she ask's, is he going to come pick us up ? And I try to explain, sort of, that when he's ready to come get us, he will pick all of us up and we will rise into the sky and go to Heaven.

I guess it's a little hard for a 41/2 year old to comprehend. Sometimes it's hard for me if I think about it too long.. so anyway yesterday I was in one room and Micayla and Aca were in another and I could hear Micayla telling Aca " I want to go to Heaven" and I heard Aca reply You can't just go to Heaven, and then Micayla with a frustrated voice said " Aca, I want to go to Heaven Now ! " You have to know Aca, he is a very soft spoken, big hearted sweet 10 year old and he just kind of laughed and said well Micayla you're just going to have to wait..

So she stomped off and left it alone... Every night I read a devotional for preschoolers to Micayla before she goes to bed and then we pray. It's nice to know that doing small things like that helps keep your childs mind on the right path.. And you know it has to bring such Joy to Jesus hearing her speak that way. It would probably even bring a tear to his eye if there were tears in Heaven. Thankfully there aren't! I just wanted to share this with everyone because it brings a lot of happiness to my heart, and maybe it will do the same for you all...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lunch with my baby sis and the kiddos

Today Micayla , Aca and I met my sister and her 3 boys , Landon, Logan and Lukas at chick fil a for lunch and after we ate in the air conditioning we went outside , of course to play.... the only kido missing today in the pics is Deric.. We had a great time visiting and the kids had a great time playing (even in the heat ).. This by the way is my little sister Dee, and that is her oldest son Landon... and with my two, is Logan and Lukas... FUN TIME guys !! Thanks :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My New Obsession :)

Ok everyone, I am loving this way too much !! It's all I thought about when I went to bed, and now I'm up first thing writing again while my kids's are asleep .
I hope yall don't get tired of seeing pics of my kids.. Most of these are taken from my iphone and I probably have close to 700 pictures on it now.. Crazy I know, but it does just as good as my digital camera , if not better !!!
Obviously we love to swim in the summer !!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nashville trip..

We recently got to go on a "work" related "vacation" as Micayla called it with Mica.. We went to Nashville and got to stay at the Opryland resort which was a blast, and we got to go shopping in a 1.2 million square ft. mall... How nice is that girls?? We went there everyday, by shuttle from our hotel, and we still never went into every store... bummer ! I have to say that this was truely one of our more relaxing trips. Mica would leave work early everyday ( don't tell anyone ) and come to the hotel and get us and we would go back to the mall, and we would go eat together and we even got to go see downtown Nashville. Pretty neat !!! Our kid's enjoyed exploring the hotel, which we never saw all of it either.. it was just a great time for us all !

If you ever get the chance to go , go..... you won't be disappointed at all !!
Hey guy's and gal's... I think I'm finally figuring this blog thing out.. I'm giving it a try for the first time.
I probably won't have any pictures flowing for a little bit until I get all this stuff figured out.. I'm really excited though to start getting this ball rolling..
Talk to you all soon !