A Journey To Remember

Friday, August 19, 2011

A few pics from our summer vacation

Mica and Deric messing around in the pool at our Universal hotel

Deric, Aca and Micayla in front of "The Cars" sculpted out of flowers

Micayla on an awesome merri~go~round in Universal

Micayla and Aca in front of the guitar at the Rockin Roller Coaster ride

Me and Micayla at our hotel

Aca and Micayla on one of their favorite rides 'Storm" from the movie X-Men.. a super fast ride!

Mica and Micayla on one fish, two fish ..

Micayla posing as we wait for our boat outside our hotel to take us to the Universal parks

Thursday, August 18, 2011

So I'm a little behind on posting

A lot has gone on in the last few months.. Deric graduated from high school and is about to start college, Aca is in the 8th grade and Micayla is in the 2nd grade. We are still waiting for our little one from Africa:).
We took our regular summer vacation to Orlando and had a blast! We stayed at our favorite resort at Universal ~ Loews Royal Pacific and played in Universal as well as driving over and playing in Disney World. We stayed busy and I have to say this was the best vacation yet! Just the family time together was amazing!
I'll post a few pics from our vacation in my next post.
I am working again at Shiloh Christian School this year, and it is just as rewarding being my 3rd school year as it was when I first started. It really is a blessing to be there. Love seeing my kiddos, nephews, and all the kiddos in general and all of my friends that teach there. I couldn't ask for anything better! God is Good!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gladney Approved !!!

We have officially been approved by Gladney. We still have a hold up on the dossier end because my fingerprints were not readable by the FBI because the ink was too light. So we're still waiting for my second set of prints to be read.
Won't be long now and we'll be on the wait list for our sweet baby boy or baby girl :).

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homestudy ~ done

Our Homestudy started Monday and ended at 1 today. It went great! Andrea is a sweet person and so easy to talk to. The kids did great with her and really liked her a lot. We can't wait to see her again in a year. Wont be long now and we should hopefully be approved by Gladney and be that much closer to getting our little one. We may be looking at next April, but in reality, that isn't very long these days. So happy:)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Our Homestudy is tomorrow. Ms. Andrea will start with our kids tomorrow evening at 6 and finish with me and Mica Tuesday morning at 8:45. Nerves are flying in all kinds of crazy directions. Overall I am really calm about it, but at the same time I'm stressin' a little;). It will be fine and go well I'm sure, I think I just need to get it overwith and move on. Stay tuned..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A few more things

First of all, I recieved my passport today.. YAY! I had to do some extra stuff for it because of my crazy name being what it is, and for what I am actually called on a daily basis. Anyway, it is here! Tomorrow Mica and I go to the Fayetteville Police Dept. to be fingerprinted (all part of the adoption process) calm down readers, :) Just kidding(on the calm down part). Just a little more paperwork to do. Monday and Tuesday will be our Homestudy. Can't wait. We are getting so much closer! I think I failed to post that Ethiopia has reopened all adoption opinions again, Praise the Lord for that!!! Nothing but a blessing from God there. Those children need to wait as little as possible to be adopted by families that will love and take care of them and show them Christ. We can't wait!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Back up a step

More paperwork.. fingerprints, FBI etc....
They do not leave anything uncovered. You are well known after this process that's for sure!
It's truely a good thing!