A Journey To Remember

Thursday, May 28, 2009

5th grade field day, k-4 teacher appreciation, Banner chapel, K-4 field day and 5th grade award ceremony

Aca in the sack race on field day. Nothing like end of year fun!

Micayla having lunch in her room for teacher appreciation day.. we had cake and balloons too..

This is Aca and his banner he made for banner chapel. One of the most touching and beautiful chapels I've ever attended.

Micayla is super pumped and super wet at field day

Micayla and Eva, one of her best girl-friends at field day

Below, Aca and a couple of friends after the ceremony.. Shawn and Adam

This was Aca getting his award for computers.. he also got one from Kim Darr in music. They were not handed to the kids, they were all placed in an envelope along with their report cards etc. Congrats Aca.. we are very proud of you.. I am teary eyed that this is your last year of elementary but am happy to know that you are growing up to be an awesomely sweet and talented young man.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Picture of Mica's cousin-as promised

Mica's cousin Zach just graduated from Fayetteville High.. This is one of his cakes.. I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing because it was big... This one was marble, and the second one was just chocolate, and it was good!! Congrat's Zach, We love you!!

Below is Zach in the middle, and to the left is Mica's brother Travis and then Mica..

The rainbow below was in the sky right before we left so everyone was running outside to see it. It was a full rainbow, but once again I just had my phone so I couldn't get the full affect. I don't think I could have with a camera either. It was perfect and beautiful and a perfect reminder of God's promise.

Friday, May 22, 2009

5th grade talent show and Fayetteville High graduation

Thursday was Aca's 5th grade talent show. He and 3 of his friends were chef's, Aca and his friend Justin were the "crazy" chefs and to Aca's left was Zach and William who were the normal chefs.
They made puppy chow, except the crazy chef, my son, added hot sauce and salt and pepper to his puppy chow.. many students watching sampled the puppy chow and had to drink ice water following the taste testing of Aca's :). They had a great time and everyone was laughing! It was a fun day for all of them.

Last night we went to Mica's cousin Zach's graduation. Their class had over 500 students.. can you imagine??? It was quite a long ceremony! It was held at Bud Walton Arena. The sea of purple is all of the students.. I didn't get a picture of Zach to post on here but I will at his graduation party Saturday..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pre-K Bike day

Micayla was very excited today to get to bring her bike to school for Bike day.. they rode for 2 hours in the parking lot and had a blast doing it. We were all thankful that the rains held off during this time (thank you lord)!

Below, is Aca in the pic with Micayla.. the 5th grade student council got to help watch the pre-k bikers today and help out with anyone who fell, crashed, etc.. and there was a lot of it today :)

Mother's Day

I know this post is a little late but I wanted to get it in anyway..

The Friday before we left for Florida Mica decided to take off work early and make a run to the mall to get me something for Mother's day, and surprise me with it that night before we left. This is totally not Mica because he is usually a last minute kind of guy so I was very shocked and very surprised and didn't expect anything from him nor did I even think about it with our trip being the next day. I have to say that this man did awesomely great!!! He know's I love purses and have since I was a little girl, and shoes.. what woman doesn't?!?

He brought home a cherry red Nino Bossi bag and flip flops that matched from Warrens.

I love you babe, thanks for thinking of me even with all the chaos of getting ready for our trip was going on .. Love you always!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

2nd half of our vacation

Once again, these are backwards so if you want to start at the bottom and work your way up fill free too... I'll get it right one of these days

Like I said..... acting silly :)

I can't remember if Micayla or Aca took this of me but good job

After the luau , Sea World was closed down, so we took advantage and was being silly .. Manta (coaster) behind Deric and Mica

This was taken before we entered inside for the Luau.. it was so fun and good!!

This ride, Manta is in Sea World. We also went over there, mainly for the Luau but Mica and Deric had to ride this.. you are literally strapped in to this coaster , dangling , looking down at the ground.. CRAZY!!

We had to stay one night at the Nick hotel just so Micayla could see what it was like there.. she loved it! This is in Orlando.. after the Nick hotel stay we headed over to our hotel on the property of Universal .. It was a beautiful polynesian stay..

Micayla sitting in Blue's thinking chair

Micayla and Aca posing with Dr. Doom and the Hulk rides behind them

Our kiddos enjoying the pool at our hotel

Above, Micayla and Aca hanging out on a giant lollipop waiting for dad and Deric to get off the ride Disaster..
Above is the Simpson's ride.. It's a crazy fun simulator that the whole family can enjoy!

Above is Dr. Doom.. one of Mica and Deric's favorite yet terrifying rides.. it shoots you up to the top and you kind of slowly bounce your way back down..
This was a long and super fun vacation for our whole family.. I took tons of pictures and video of everything.. To sum up everywhere we went, here it is.. We did Destin, the beach.. and we did Orlando, including, Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Downtown Disney, and the Nick hotel (all one huge play area).. HOW FUN !!!

Jordon vacation '09

Above, Deric scoping out the beach for girls :)
This is one of my favorite pictures of Mica and Micayla (this pic was originally at the bottom).. I'm so not good at this still!

When we first arrived at our hotel our room wasn't ready so we headed out the back doors onto the beach anyway~ Micayla was super excited because this was her first trip to the beach.. she was very giggly. It was funny!

This is our hotel we stayed in

Below, Aca refusing to remove the shirt

She was posing like crazy in Florida

Part two of our vacation coming up..
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