A Journey To Remember

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary ~ Birthday

Today is mine and Mica's 12 year anniversary!! We celebrated yesterday by going out to eat at Theo's and just spending some much needed alone time together. Theo's was very relaxing and romantic at the same time. We had one whole side of the restaurant to ourselves literally until we were finished eating, it was great!! They play that old italian style music throughout the restaurant which I absolutely love so it made for an even more romantic evening.
I love you babe more than words could ever express in any way, and can't wait for our next date :)

Today is also my birthday so my entire weekend was filled with lot's of fun and love from my family!! Mica and the kiddos treated me super special today from the second we got up until bedtime. I love you guys so much! Thanks for making my entire weekend the BEST ever!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

One of our road trips

Last Tuesday we had to be out of the house because our hardwoods were being re-sanded and stained after we had to have a portion of them removed and replaced, so we headed to Ft. Smith since Mica was commuting back and forth there anyway..
It's a short trip but my kids crashed anyway, well these two did... I don't get too many pictures like this so I had to take it while I had the chance.. It's not often you'll see my sixteen year old snoozing next to my five year old.. I just love it :)

Love it :) ... you all with younger kiddos will understand when they get as old as our teenager..

Below, Aca was reading all the way down.. he has a summer reading assignment from school already so he was trying to knock it out

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Aca is 11 today!! Happy Birthday sweet boy. He chose PF Changs for his birthday lunch, good choice :)
We Love you and hope this is the best Birthday ever..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday Aca

Aca will actually turn 11 on Tuesday the 14th. However, we celebrated his birthday this weekend and it was fun! We had his party at the Battlefield Park in Prarie Grove with family and some friends. Aca is very big into Lego's. He loves to build big sets and even small sets. He get's it done pretty quick, and we are running our of room in his room for them.. we are trying to figure out the best way to display them, so if you read this and have some great ideas, please pass them on to me :) ~ by the way there are a few pictures here, so just a little fyi ..

Here are a few things he has already built

Below are his presents he asked for from us, which are all Lego sets

Deric and cousin Landon below, at the party

Cousin Logan (one of Aca's best bud's) and Micayla with Aca

Aca and his Lego block cake made by Rick's bakery in Fayetteville, by the way, the top part of the Lego cake is cupcakes which is extra cake that can be served

And finally, a little game of wiffle ball/baseball after the party..

I know the bottom picture is blurred but that's Aca running in to home plate.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summertime fun

We've been running to Branson off and on this summer just for the day to eat and play then coming back home at night. It has been really fun getting away from the same-o same-o ...
Ok, so below is Aca on the space ride, not sure of it's official name but it's cool. You get spun around in all kinds of speeds and crazy circular directions.. You actually do not get dizzy or sick from it..

A little bumper boat action below, one of my favorites

Below is Micayla on the trampoline, jumping extremely high.. she loves anything that looks associated with gymnastics

Here she is doing one of her favorite things in her favorite store, Build A Bear.. I think she's up to 18 now.. thank goodness they get different ones in all the time..

Below, she's on the go-carts in Fast Lane, in Rogers.. a local fun spot to take your kids.. the go-carts are indoors, along with laser tag and lot's of games

Now for some cooling down at home.. here we are just chillin at the pool down at the clubhouse.. nothing like beat'n the heat

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July fun

The beginning of our day.. Aca playing with a sparkler and he also did some colorful smoke bombs but I couldn't get a good shot of that

Micayla sitting in the back of our car at home watching Aca play with a sparkler

The kids made their own 4th of July cookies

This is my big cookie

Then we went to Poppa Ronnie's to have a cook out, let the kids play on the slip and slide and shoot off fire works.. it was a fun 4th!

Below, was part of the grand finale, which was suppose to look like smiley faces, and some did, but my phone didn't get good shots of it